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“Our Education at AMCA Gave Us All The Foundation For High School Success”
By: Antonietta Capone, Christian Cirillo, Leonardo D’Attile, Gianna Petraglia and Anthony Russo
AMCA Class of 2013
Archbishop Molloy High School Class of 2017

Our elementary school years at Ave Maria Catholic Academy molded us into the students we are today, both academically and spiritually. AMCA gave us the knowledge and self discipline we needed to succeed in Archbishop Molloy High School.

Thanks to the strong academic foundation we received at AMCA, we have been able to achieve Honors with Distinction at Molloy, having a 95 average or higher. The dedication and encouragement we received from the teachers and administration gave us an edge over many of our classmates who did not attend schools like AMCA.

The influence of Religion instilled in us throughout all our years at Ave Maria Catholic Academy has carried over to Molloy High School, where we took the opportunity to join in many Catholic Ministries, including Right to Life and Eucharistic Ministry. AMCA is a family-oriented school, where everyone is always willing to help. The close knit relationships give every student a sense of courage and a feeling of love. This made us look forward to going to school everyday. We are thankful we had the opportunity to attend AMCA because these formative years have been very important to the success we are experiencing now in high school.