About Us

Inspired by the faithfulness of the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy exists to provide an everlasting spiritual foundation and superior academic background for all our students, who in time, will strengthen, enlighten and better our community, our Church and our world.

Our Mission

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy is dedicated to building an atmosphere of love, trust and care among students, parents and staff.  We share with the family the threefold mission of the Catholic Church: to teach the Gospel message, to build community in the life of the Church and to provide service to the Church and world community.

At OLGCA we are actively involved in forming the whole person spiritually, mentally and physically.  Students develop a positive life outlook and self-image through the teaching that all people are worthy of respect, have a right to their dignity and are special in the eyes of God.

Through the integration of Catholic religious truths and values within the curriculum, students develop insights into the problems that face individuals and society today.  Students also acquire skills to address these issues effectively.  Through prayer and in conjunction with parents, priests and community, our mission is to instill a love of life, respect for others, an eagerness to learn and a willingness to grow and follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and action.