Third Grade Photos

Third Grade in Action πŸ™‚ 

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First Responders Day



















Becoming Children’s Book Authors & Illustrators with our Sixth Grade Buddies πŸ™‚



Justin’s Share & Show


Marshmallow Catapult STEM Challenge

Green Day! St. Patrick’s Pride

Class Trip to AVIATOR!


Buddy Week 2019


Maria as Teacher’s Assistant


Justin as Teacher’s Assistant


Sophia’s Share & Show


Catholic Schools Week 2019!











Studying Italy: Our First, Third Grade Country Study




Gia as Teacher’s Assistant

Nate’s Share & Show







Ugly Christmas Sweater Day


Here is the third grade on their field trip to see “East Heaven High” at the Immaculate Conception Center.




“The Wonder of Elfis”


        Hanging from our Word Wall!                  A new sign for our classroom!




Decorating our tree and leaving a mess!                     Taking an Elfie!                                    


                                                Wrecking November!


        Leaving Mrs. Leto a message!                       I “donut” believe he stole our stickers!


            Sleeping in Gia’s art box!                              Sharpening our pencils!


Hanging with his buddies and the Saints!           Playing a game of Kaboom!


        Enjoying a good read!                               Swinging on our wreath!


     Elfis has Outstanding behavior!                   Hanging by our Sound Check!    


  Relaxing in our Compliment Jar!             Dabbing on our Christmas Tree!


 Elfis Shark.. do, do, do, do, do, do!              Elfis caught in a sticky situation!



Sophia’s big win at the Bake Sale!




Young Scientists Studying Plant Life



Our Special Delivery From The North Pole!

Click the links below to watch video footage of our special delivery, presented by Miss McManus:

Our Letter From Santa!   Opening our special gift!


Vocabulary Fun πŸ™‚






The Third Grade Salutes Our Veterans

Thank you to our class’ very own, Mr. Kowalski, for your service!





All Saints Day Project: Saint Puppets & Research









Pumpkin Patch Fun With Our Sixth Grade Buddies!








Third Grade Scientists Investigate!

     Throughout our study of Chapter 1 Living & Nonliving Things, Mrs. Leto’s students were each given three types of seeds for our first lab. Students were given one sunflower seed, one red runner bean, and a few basil seeds. We carefully placed each seed onto a wet paper towel and then put them into separate, labeled, plastic Ziploc bags. Mrs. Leto placed our seeds on our classroom windowsill so that they had sunlight to grow. Occasionally, water was lightly added to the paper towel for hydration. These seeds were planted without soil! Students observed how large their seeds could grow within their life cycles using only water and sunlight. It was fun to see the progression and measure (in centimeters) the growth of each seed.



In honor of The Month of The Holy Rosary (October) Grades 2-8 gathered to pray the Rosary together. Third grade was able to use their handy Rosary Booklets to follow along and learn the steps of praying the Rosary.






Happy Friday!


The Third Grade dressed in yellow and gold in support of

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


















The Third Grade met their Sixth Grade Buddy Class for the first time on 9/20. We will be working with our buddy class throughout the year doing fun crafts and getting to know other students in our OLGCA community. 




Justin & Kathleen (brother and sister!)                                  Gia & Gabriella


                        Sophia & Melissa                                               Joseph & Alen



                         Maria & Shelby                                              Mia & Gianna


                              Nate & Ilenia                                        Benedetto & Ilenia