Miss. Binanti

4th Grade ELA/ Social Studies Homework 1/3/2017 – 1/6/2017

Monday: January 2, 2017

No School

Tuesday: January 3, 2017

Spelling- write words in ABC order

Spelling test Friday 1/6/17

Read for 20 minutes

Wednesday: January 4, 2017

Spelling- Worksheet

Spelling test Friday 1/6/17

Read for 20 minutes

Thursday: January 5, 2017

Spelling- write words 3xs each

Spelling test Friday 1/6/17

Respond to readings

Friday: January 6, 2017

Have a nice weekend

Spelling words: videos, teeth, potatoes, themselves, lives, leaves, cliffs, roofs, halves, moose, radios, sheep, cuffs, beliefs, patios, banjos, tornadoes, potatoes, hoofs, loaves.

Challenge words: portfolios, embargoes, handkerchiefs, calves, lassos.


**There will be a Reading/Grammar test next Thursday 12/12. The students will read a comprehension passage with questions to follow. The students should be able to identify proper nouns,  singular nouns, and regular plural nouns.**