Miss. Binanti

3rd Grade ELA and Social Studies 5/1/17-5/4/17

** There will be a grammar test this Wednesday, May 3rd on subject-verb agreement. All students have special rules taped in their ELA notebooks. If they know these rules they will do great on this test!

** Since the students do not have school on Friday the vocabulary test will be on Thursday this week.

Monday: May 1, 2017

vocabulary- Write words 3xs each

Grammar test Wednesday 5/1

Vocabulary test Thursday 5/2

Tuesday:  May 2, 2017

vocabulary- Write words in complete sentences.

Grammar test tomorrow 5/1

Vocabulary test Thursday 5/2

Wednesday:  May 3, 2017

vocabulary- Write the word followed by the synonyms and antonyms

Vocabulary test tomorrow 5/2

Thursday : May 4, 2017

Have a nice weekend!

vocabulary words: arch, authentic, clarify, declare, grant, grave, modest, opponent, valid, yearn

social studies vocabulary words: federal, constitution, congress, representative, supreme court.