Mr. DiPiazza

Week of September 11th – September 15



MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th – Cell division

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th – The stages of mitosis

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th – The stages of mitosis

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th – The stages of mitosis (HW: Study for your quiz)

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th – The stages of mitosis  (Quiz: Cell Division)  



MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th – 8:30 Mass/Fr. Marc

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th – Why does Jesus want us to live holy lives? (HW: Page 19, Questions 1-10)

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th – How can our conscience guides us in making the right decisions? (Quiz: Mission Statement)

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th – How can our conscience guides us in making the right decisions? (HW: Page 29, Questions 1-10)

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th – How can our conscience guides us in making the right decisions?


 7th GRADE

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th – Rocks and minerals           

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th – Rocks and minerals

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th – Common minerals and their uses

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th – The properties of minerals

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th – The properties of minerals (Quiz: Rocks and Minerals)



MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th – Potential and kinetic energy

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th – Potential and kinetic energy

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th – Various forms of energy

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th – Various forms of energy

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th – Various forms of energy


 5th GRADE

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th – How scientists use observations to identify the natural world.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th – Quantitative and qualitative observations

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th – Quantitative and qualitative observations

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14th – How do observations and patterns help us make predictions?

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th – Lab: Fingerprints