2nd Grade

2nd grade:Week of 2/3-2/7

Week at a Glance:

ELA– a) Superkids: encode that a dictionary tells you a word’s spelling, punctuation and meaning, answer questions based on stories in the reader, encode that when -i is followed by -gh, the gh is silent and the -i is long, encode that similes compare two things using like or as and the ending -ed tells you the action happened in the past. 

           b) Spelling: famous, search, agree, weak, gentle, bare, leader, feast, notice, hero

           c) Writing: Finishing Persuasive Writing  

Math– Chapter 5: record 2-digit subtraction using standard algorithm, practice 2-digit subtraction with and without regrouping, review and complete lessons 1-6 quiz. 

Science– Chapter 3: People Grow and Change- describe how the heart and lungs work together to carry oxygen to all the body parts and describe the process of digestion. 

S.S.- Chapter 3: identify the parts of a table and explain how science and technology have changed the ways in which people meet their needs. 

Religion- Chapter 8: as a whole class go over  what the Old Testament and New Testament discuss and review the chapter. 

Tentative Homework:


Spelling: sentences #1-5

ELA: “Prefixes” worksheet

Math: “2-Digit Subtractions” worksheet 

S.S.: “Resources We Use” worksheet


Spelling: sentences #6-10

Science: “How Do My Heart and Lungs Work? worksheet

Math: “Practice 2-Digit  Subtraction” worksheet

*Religion Ch.8 test next Tuesday


Spelling: ABC order

Science: “Observe: How To Use Muscles” worksheet

Math: Study Lessons 5.1-5.6. Quiz tomorrow 

*Science Ch.3 test next Wednesday 


Spelling: 3x each and study. Test tomorrow

Science: “How Do I Digest Food?” worksheet

ELA: a) “Simile” worksheet

          b) “ Using -ed” worksheet 


study for Religion Ch.8. Test Tuesday

study Science Ch.3. Test Wednesday

Tentative Test Schedule:

Thursday 2/6: Math Ch.5 Quiz

Friday 2/7: Spelling Test 


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

**Bring headphones in for Computer*

*Pennies for Patients Money- bring in Fridays*

* Students need a folder for Handwriting. Those that have sent one in, thank you! *

2/3: Abrakodoodle begins 

2/4: Box Top Day

2/5: Shot for a Cure/ 7pm H.A.A Meeting 

2/6: 7:30 LNO Meeting 

2/7: 8:30 First Friday Mass