2nd Grade: Week of 5/13-5/17

Week at a Glance:

ELA- Superkids: Encode that a long word you see could be a compound word, encode that “i” comes before “e”-except after “c”, encode that a summary tells the most ideas in a story, understand that there are many ways to spell the sound -aw, use memory words to complete the sentences given, understand that you usually add the ending -ed to a verb to show that an action happened in the past, encode that when many words begin with the same sound it’s called an aliteration and encode that a paragraph is a group of sentences about one main idea.   

              b) Grammar: Conjunctions 

Math- Chapter 6: Record 3-Digit subtraction using the standard algorithm with possibly regrouping of tens, record 3-Digit subtraction using the standard algorithm with possibly regrouping of hundreds and record 3-Digit subtraction using the standard algorithm with possible regrouping of both hundreds and tens.

Science- Review and complete Ch.1 Unit D Test

S.S.: Chapter 4: Explain how ideas and cultures spread from one place to another 

Religion- Review and complete Ch.17 Test

Chapter 15: To explain that we need Jesus to be a part of our lives everyday and to show the importance of the Last Supper

Tentative Homework:


Grammar: Exercise 77 pg. 105

Reading: read and log

Math: “3-Digit Subtraction: Regroup Tens” worksheet

Religion: Study. Test tomorrow

*Communion booklet due Friday


ELA: “Compound Words” worksheet

Reading: read and log

Science: “Earth, Sun & Moon” worksheet 

Math: “3-Digit Subtraction:Regroup Hundreds” worksheet


Grammar: Exercise 79 pgs.107-108

Reading: read and log

Science: Study. Test tomorrow

*Math Ch.6 Test next Wednesday 


Grammar: Study. Test tomorrow 

Reading: read and log. Due tomorrow

Math: “Subtraction: Regroup Hundreds as Tens”

*Communion booklet due tomorrow 


Study for Ch.6 Math. Test Wednesday 

Tentative Test Schedule:

Tuesday 5/14: Ch.17 Religion Test

Thursday 5/16: Science Test 

Friday 5/17: Grammar Test-Conjunctions


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

**Students should be practicing Math on ThinkCentral every night for 15-20 minutes**

5/14: 10am May Crowning (Second Grade students should be in Communion attire and bring a change of clothes)/Progress Reports Distributed 

5/16: Progress Reports Due back

5/13-5/17: Parking Lot Closed Due to Festival