2nd Grade: Week of 2/11-2/15

Week at a Glance:

ELA- a) Superkids: Use memory words to match to definitions, sequencing tells when things happen, fix mistakes in sentences using correct punctuation and capitalization and abbreviation is a short way to write a word

            b) Reading: practice reading comprehension by looking back into the text to find the answer

            c) Spelling: notice, bare, famous, search, gentle, hero, feast, weak, agree, leader 

Math- Solve problems involving 2-digit addition using the strategy draw a diagram, complete Ch.4 Quiz and represent addition situations with number sentences using a symbol for the unknown number.

S.S.- Describe how weather patterns/ natural resources/seasonal patterns/natural hazards affect activities and settlement patterns, recognize that maps can be different sizes and identify ways people conserve and replenish natural resources. 

Science- Review for Ch.2 Unit B test, Complete Ch.2 test, Introduce Ch.1 Unit C and recognize & describe different kinds of rocks and soil. 

Religion- To show that Jesus invites us to celebrate God’s forgiveness, To present that Jesus shares God’s forgiveness and peac in the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation, and to introduce a examination of conscience. 

Tentative Homework:


Spelling: sentences #1-5

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

Math: “Problem Solving” worksheet

Science: Study, test tomorrow


Spelling: sentences #6-10

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

S.S.: “People and Places” worksheet

Math: Study, quiz tomorrow


Spelling: ABC order

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

S.S.: a) “Use a Map Scale” worksheet

         b) “Public Announcement” worksheet 


Spelling: 3x each and study. Test tomorrow 

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log. Due tomorrow 

Math: “Write Equations to Represent Addition” worksheet 

Science: “How Do People Use Rocks and Soil?” Worksheet 


Work of Landforms Project: Due Feb.27th

            HAPPY WINTER BREAK!!!

Tentative Test Schedule:

Tuesday 2/12: Science Ch.2 Unit B Test 

Wednesday 2/13: Math Ch.4 Quiz

Friday 2/15: Spelling Test 


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

2/12: 7pm Home Academy Association Meeting

2/13: New Family Registration 9am & 6pm

2/14: $2.00 Red Dress Down 

2/16: 12pm-2pm Open House 

2/18-2/22: School Closed-Winter Recess