2nd Grade

2nd Grade- Week of 2/10-2/14

Week at a Glance:

ELA– Superkids: Match memory words (past and present) to the correct sentence, answer questions based on stories in the reader, encode that some vowels have short sounds and use memory words to fill in a crossword puzzle.

           b) Grammar: Demonstrative Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives 

           c) Writing: Opinion Writing   

Math– Chapter 5: rewrite horizontal subtraction problems vertically in a standard algorithm format, use addition to find differences and solve problems involving 2-digit subtraction by using the strategy draw a diagram. 

Science– Chapter 3: People Grow and Change- label the body parts (bones, muscles, heart and lungs), review Ch.3 and complete test. 

S.S.- Chapter 3: describe weather patterns, natural resources, seasonal patterns and natural hazards and recognize that maps can be different sizes.

Religion- Chapter 8: Review and complete Ch.8 Test 

-Discuss St.Valentine by watching a clip and completing a booklet.

Tentative Homework:


Grammar: “Demonstrative Pronouns” worksheet

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log 

Math: “Rewrite 2-Digit Subtraction” worksheet

Religion: Study.Ch.8 test tomorrow 


Grammar: “Possessive Adjectives”worksheet

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

Science: Study. Ch.3 test tomorrow 

Math: “Add to Find Differences” worksheet 

*S.S. Lessons 1-5 Quiz Tuesday 2/25


Grammar: “Possessive Adjectives” worksheet 

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

Math: “Problem Solving: Subtraction” worksheet


Grammar: Study. Test tomorrow 

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log. Due tomorrow

S.S.: “People and Places” worksheet 


S.S.: a) “Map Scale” worksheet

        b) Study review sheet for Lessons 1-5. Quiz Tuesday when school returns. 

Tentative Test Schedule:

Tuesday 2/11: Religion Ch.8 Test

Wednesday 2/12: Science Ch.3 Test 

Friday 2/14: Grammar- Demonstrative Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives Test 


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

**Bring headphones in for Computer*

*Pennies for Patients Money- bring in by Fridays*

2/11: Progress Reports Distributed 

2/13: Progress Reports Returned/ 100th Day of School

2/14: $2.00 RED dress down/ Field Trip Permission Slip and Money Due

2/17: President’s Day

2/17-2/21: School Closed- Winter Recess