2nd Grade

2nd Grade: Week of 12/2-12/6

Week at a Glance:

ELA– a) Superkids: encode that homonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings and often different spellings, encode that some homonyms sound the same and are spelled the same but have different meanings, complete questions based on stories in the reader and encode that -oi and -oy makes a pig sound. 

           b) Vocabulary Unit 4

Math– Chapter 4: find a sum by breaking apart a 1-digit addend to make a 2-digit addenda a multiple of 10, use compensation to develop flexible thinking for 2-digit addition, apply place value concepts when using a break-apart strategy and model 2-digit addition with regrouping.

Science– Chapter 2 Animals Grow and Change: Introduce new vocabulary and describe how animals are alike and different. 

S.S.- Chapter 1: Review and complete Ch.1 Test 

Religion- Discuss Reconciliation and review the “Act of Contrition”

Tentative Homework:


Vocabulary: complete pgs. 44 and 45 in workbook

Math: “Break Apart Ones to Add” worksheet

S.S.: Study. Test tomorrow 


Vocabulary: complete pg. 46 in workbook

ELA: “Homonyms” worksheet

Math: “Use Compensation” worksheet


Vocabulary: complete pgs. 48 and 49

Science: “Classify” worksheet

Math: “Break Apart Addends as Tens and Ones” worksheet


Vocabulary: Study. Test tomorrow

ELA: “Oi and Oy Sound” worksheet

Math: “Model Regrouping for Addition” worksheet


No Homework 

Tentative Test Schedule:

Tuesday 12/3:  S.S. Ch. 1 Test 

Friday 12/6: Vocabulary Unit 4 Test 


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

**Bring headphones in for Computer**

12/5- 12:30pm dismissal

12/6- 8:30 Mass: Student Council Inductions

12/7- 11am First Reconcilation 

12/9- School Closed: Feast of Immaculate Conception/ 7pm Holiday Vendor Sale

12/10: 2nd Grade report conferences 

12/11: Children’s Vendor Sale

12/13: OLG Parish Tree Lighting