2nd Grade

2nd Grade: Week of 10/7-10/11

Week at a Glance:

ELA– a) Superkids: encode that some words can be a noun and a verb, encode that words that rhyme sound alike at the end, answer questions based on stories in reader and encode that when a vowel is alone at the end of a word, it is long and says its name. 

           b) Grammar: Collective Nouns 

           c) Reading: guided reading groups

Math– Chapter 2: Review lessons 1-6 and take quiz. Write 3-digit numbers in Expanded form and in standard form and apply place value concepts to find equivalent numbers. 


S.S.- Chapter 1: work on community project in groups 

Religion- Chapter 3: to teach that we belong to the Catholic Church and to present that prayer and worship are ways that Catholics celebrate God’s love. 

Tentative Homework:


Grammar: “Collective Nouns of Things” worksheet

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

S.S.: “What Is In Your Community?” worksheet

Math: Study. Quiz tomorrow 


Grammar: “Using Collective Nouns” worksheet 

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

ELA: “Noun or Verb” worksheet 


Grammar: “Collective Nouns” worksheet 

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log

Math: “Different Forms of Numbers” worksheet


Grammar: Study. Test tomorrow 

Reading: read for 20 minutes and log. Due tomorrow

Math: “Different Ways to Show Numbers” worksheet 


Tentative Test Schedule:

Tuesday 10/8: Ch.2 Math Quiz

Friday 10/11: Grammar: Collective Nouns Test 


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

**Bring headphones in for Computer**

10/7: 1:30pm Rosary Rally- parents are welcome. If students have their own rosary beads please bring into school/ $2.00 Blue Dress Down for Bullying Prevention

10/8: First Band Session

10/14: School Closed- Columbus Day

10/15: Mandatory Chocolate Sale begins

10/16: $2.00 Pink Dress Down