2nd Grade

2nd Grade: Week of 10/28-11/1

Week at a Glance:

ELA– a) Superkids: recognize syllables, use pattern words to fill in sentences, encode that adding -s or -SS makes a word plural, answer questions based on readings in the reader, use pattern words to match the picture and complete sentences with pattern words to make it correct. 

           b) Grammar: Possessive Nous

           c) Writing: Descriptive Writing using adjectives. 

Math– Chapter 3: Introduce new vocabulary, use doubles facts as a strategy for finding sums for near doubles facts, recall sums for basic facts using properties and strategies and recall sums for addition facts using the make a ten strategy. 


S.S.- Chapter 1: Desecribe a neighborhood and compare an aerial photograph and a map of a neighborhood. 

Religion- Chapter 3: Review and take test 

Tentative Homework:


Grammar: “Possessive Nouns” worksheet

ELA: “Syllables” worksheet

Religion: a) “Choose a Saint” worksheet

                  b) Study. Test tomorrow 


Grammar: “Possessive Nouns” worksheet

Math: “ Use Double Facts” worksheet

S.S.: “ A View from Above” worksheet 


Grammar: “ Possessive Nouns” worksheet

Math: “Practice Addition Facts” worksheet

S.S.: “ Choose a Treasure, Make a Map” worksheet 


Grammar: Study. Test tomorrow



Tentative Test Schedule:

Tuesday 10/29: Ch.3 Religion Test 

Friday 11/1: Possessive Nouns Grammar Test 


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

**Bring headphones in for Computer**

10/31: Pumpkin Patch/ Trunk or Treat 

11/1: All Saints Day- dress up as a saint

11/4: Wounded Warriors BootCamp Obstacle course 

11/8: School Closed- Professional Development 

11/11: School Closed- Veteran’s Day 

11/12: Individual Pictures

11/13: Class Pictures- Full Uniform