2nd Grade

2nd Grade: Week of 10/15-10/18

Week at a Glance:

ELA– a) Superkids: Encode that when a vowel is alone at the end of a word it is long and when a vowel is followed by a constonant the vowel is short, encode that when two vowels go walking- the first one does the talking, use memory words to complete the crossword puzzle and read the lunch menu and mark short, long and silent vowels. 

           b) Vocabulary: Unit 2

Math– Chapter 2: Identify 10 more, 10 less, 100 more or 100 less than a given number, extend numbers patterns by counting on by tens and hundreds and solve problems involving number comparisons by using the strategy make a model. 


S.S.- Chapter 1: work on community project in groups 

Religion- Chapter 3: to teach that we belong to the Catholic Church, to present that prayer and worship are ways that Catholics celebrate God’s love and to introduce that the Church celebrates with seven special signs called sacraments. 

Tentative Homework:


Columbus Day- No School! 


Vocabulary: complete pg. 22 and 23 

ELA: “Sort It-Vowels” worksheet

Math: “Count On and Count Back by 10 and 100” worksheet


Vocabulary: complete pg. 26

ELA: “Graph It- Vowels” worksheet

Math: “Number Patterns” worksheet


Vocabulary: a) complete pg. 27

                       b) Study. Test Tomorrow

ELA: “Color My Vowel” worksheet

Math: “ Problem Solving: Compare Numbers” worksheet

*Math Ch.2 Test next Thursday            


Study for Math Ch.2 Test 

Tentative Test Schedule:

Friday 10/18: Vocabulary Unit 2 Test  


Wednesdays: Mass at 8:20am & Father Marc at 1:35pm

**Bring headphones in for Computer**

10/14: School Closed- Columbus Day

10/15: Mandatory Chocolate Sale begins

10/16: $2.00 Pink Dress Down 

10/18: 7pm LuBella Shopping Event 

10/21: Winter Uniform Begins