1st Grade News and Homework for the week of 5/20/19


Monday 5/20/19: Summer uniform begins.

Thursday 5/23/19: Full school Spring Show Practice.

Friday 5/24/19: No School; P.D.

Monday 5/27/19: Memorial Day; school closed

Thursday 5/29/19: Spring Show 10:100 a.m.

What we are learning this Week!

Grammar: Tenses and Agreement.

Super Kids: Read The Lesson

Vocabulary: We will  be working on the following words; Footprint, Creak, Anxious, Whimper, Plead, Limp, Trust, Exchange, Polite, Drowsy

Math:  Adding and subtracting with 2 digit numbers.

Science: Investigate matter.

SS: America’s first people

Religion forgiveness


Monday 5/20/19: Math worksheet pg 459 and 460, Vocabulary use words 1 to 5 in sentences.

Tuesday 5/21/19 Vocabulary use words 6 to 10 in sentences. ELA worksheet

Wednesday 5/22/19: Math worksheet pg 465 and 466 Vocabulary ABC order

Thursday 5/23/19: Math worksheet pg 471 and 472, Vocabulary write words 3x each.

Tentative Test Schedule!

Wednesday 5/22/19 Science test on the 4 seasons

Thursday 5/23/19 Spelling test: How, Know, One, Big, Little, Long, All, Not, But, Some, People, Their, Find, Them