1st Grade News and Homework for the week of 3/18/19!

News for the week of 3/18/19!

Sunday 3/17/19: St. Patrick’s Day.

Monday 3/18/19: Report Cards distributed.

Tuesday 3/19/19: St. Joseph’s Day/ 12 noon dismissal, report card conference. 

What we are learning this week!

Vocabulary: We will continue to work on our new words. Mischief, Grateful, Stun, Splendid, Selfish, Groan, Romp, Stormy, Delighted, Sprinkle.

Grammar: The students will be introduced to adjectives this week. They will learn positive adjectives and comparative adjectives.

Super kids: We will be reading the story Rex King’s visit. We will than work on our comprehension of the story.

Reading Comprehension: We will be working on two reading comprehension packets this week. The Sunflower and The Raven and the Swan.

Sight Words: Why,Where, When, Who, Which, How, Know, One, Big, Little.

Spelling Words: We will be learning to spell our new words. Was, For, Make, Go, To, We, With, Like, Went, My, Want, At.

Writing: We will continue working on the writing process; They will learn to proofread  and publish their writing. They will also learn what sentences are.

Math: We will continue working on addition and subtraction facts. We will also be starting unit 6 and will be learning to count to 100.

Religion:  We will begin unit 12 and learn how the church serves.

Science: We will learn about different kinds of soil.

SS: We will continue to learn about the land around us.


Monday 3/18/19: Math worksheet pg 307 and 308. Vocabulary write words 3x each. Science worksheet.

Tuesday 3/19/19: Math worksheet pg 313 and 314, Vocabulary use words 1 to 5 in sentences. 

Wednesday 3/20/19:  Math worksheet pg 335 and 336, Vocabulary use words 6 to 10 in sentences, Science worksheet.

Thursday 3/21/19: Math worksheet pg 341 and 342, Vocabulary ABC order, Science worksheet.

Tentative Test Schedule!

Monday 3/18/19 Grammar test pronouns

Friday 3/22/19: Math test ch 5 subtraction and addition