Mr. Neun


On Monday we will finish the Terra Nova Testing and there will be no homework for all grades. There will be homework for five through eight on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and no homework for Friday. 

There are 15 school days until the TACHS Tests on November fourth, for the the eight grade. I am teaching directly to the test from resources from online and from books that pertain to the test. I hope all eight graders take advantage of working fully or partially through lunch with me, for at least the next three weeks.  

I am aware of the online grading indicating a lower mark even though the grades indicate a much higher grade. I hope to have that resolved my Monday. Here is the homework fro the week:

                                Eight Grade for the week of 10/10-10-13

  Monday October 16- Terra Nova Testing no homework.                 

Tuesday-homework page 268#’s 9-12 in the workbook.

Wednesday- Homework page269#’s 1-4in the workbook.

Thursday- The students will create any three triangles, state what two names each triangle is given and why it has those classifications?

Friday- No homework

                                                      Seventh Grade

Tuesday-  Plotting. Homework page 21 #’s 13-18 in the workbook.

Wednesday- For homework page 22, #’s 30-35 in the workbook.

Thursday- Powers of the Laws of Exponents- For homework, page 17#’s1-9 in the workbook.

Friday- No homework

                                                        Sixth Grade

Tuesday- Multiplication Patterns- For homework page 14#’s 7-12

Wednesday- Rounding through estimation.  For Homework Page 15#’s 9-14in the workbook.

Thursday- For homework page 16#9-14 in the workbook.

Friday- There is no homework.

                                                      Fifth Grade

Tuesday- The Order of Operations- For homework in the workbook, page 38#’s 5-9.

Wednesday-Order of Operations – For homework page 38#’s 10-15.

Thursday- For homework the student will create their own number line indicating both positive and negative numbers. The students should include from negative 10 to positive 10/

Friday- No homework